American Pride

The black beauty herself, The 1967 Ford Mustang is the classic car to own. A showstopper that does not compromise comfort or speed. The uniqueness of this model outshines the others. The original model of the Mustang underwent its first significant redesign for the 1967 model year. The running horse design on the seat backs of the 1967 Deluxe Interior was removed. a new deluxe interior kit with unique colour options, brushed aluminium or unique door panels, seat buttons, and woodgrain dash trim.

Seat back shells with stainless steel trim, like those in the Thunderbird, were part of the 1967 premium interior. Hardtop two-door, two-door fastback and convertible two-door were included in the model. 

With an engine of 2.0L with 8 cylinders and a dynamic horsepower of 286 is assured to provide a smooth ride. 

American Pride
Famous Ford

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