Cars from our past

The Chevrolet Camaro has been around for generations. From being introduced in the fall of 1967 to the latest 2016 model with four cylinder engines, it is the first car in the line to have a Super Sport option (SS). The first engine offered in the SS Camaro Classic was of 295 horsepower with a 350 cubic inch engine. To boot,the debut of the Camaro offered 8 different engine options with 80 different factory options. 

Although the car was given with the usual radio, air-conditioning and tachometer, there were some other unusual options customers could choose from. For example, a fold-down rear seat but, compared to today’s cars, it did not expand and open to extra storage. Moreover, it offered the “liquid aerosol tire chain.” This allowed the rear tires to be sprayed with an aerosol spray for a smooth ride. 

The promotion of the car was uncommon. An advertisement of two minutes featuring the Camaro SS erupting from a volcano with the tagline, “Camaro, it’s something else,” allowed the public to see the car beyond ordinary. The car in itself became an inspiration for many songs. 

The car didn’t just influence music, it also became a character for over 2,500 movies. One of the most famous was the 2006 Transformers. The movie showed the 1960 Camaro transformed into the character BumbleBee. Apart from being a car that was out of the ordinary, it was used for many other occupations, for example, the police cars in the UAE. 


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Cars from our past

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